Previous Work

Here you’ll find some of my previous work, which will be kept up to date with my current work at VFS which will be posted on the main blog page.

As Always, I hope you enjoy!

Here you will see a snippet of the work I did before VFS. Some of them I can’t show because the work belongs to the client and not me.

This is one of my old time’s favorite. “Silencios Rotos”© This was my final project at college, which granted me my communication science degree in Mexico City.

October 2nd, 1968, Mexico City, 10 days before the Olympic Games take place, a series of events unchained one of the worst massacres in Mexican History. A conflict between students from the National University of Mexico City, the Military Forces, Police and a group known as the white gloves.
The story is told by different characters as seen thru their eyes.

The Original Idea was to create a TV Series using the same format as “Band Of Brothers”, my co-producer, Tabatha Vizuet, and I, were able to gather a great team of cast and crew, that made this dream possible.

Here’s the trailer for the program; the original video is 45 minutes long.

Silencios Rotos – Trailer from Ezra Istiroti on Vimeo.


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