On time, out of topic and Impact Awards

It’s been a while from my last post… and it’s been 8 months since my first post, when we started the Digital Design program at VFS, and time has gone flying without even a hint of what happened in the

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About project "J"

Today was my first meeting with my mentor for the final project here at VFS. And to be honest, I never expected this. As I mentioned on my last post, I’m working on the new image for a school, and

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Some thoughts on time and projects…

Well, Term 4 is about to finish and I haven’t upload much to my blog actually. Time has been flying so fast we haven’t had time to enjoy what this term had to offer. So here are some thought about

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Aretha's poster

Well, I’m still working on my Case study for last term’s info graphic, so here is another final project. This one it was for our print class and we were given the opportunity to create a poster for a new

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Terms & Conditions

As I told you I was going to write about this project on it’s own post. “Terms & Conditions” is our term 3 final project for VFS. It was a complete roller coaster of both creative thinking, and moments of

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Some thoughts on time and places…

Well, Term 3 went flying by and yet felt like it was the longest one here at VFS. Right now we are starting term 4 and I had no time to update the blog at all, so here are some

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Keep Walking… Always keep walking

It’s been a while since I saw this video but I’ve never watched it. The brand itself is a very inspiring for me, not only because I’m a Whiskey enthusiast but also it’s tag line is an amazing and inspiring

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