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While the clock keeps ticking…

As some of you may know, right now my wife and I are going to establish our selves in Vancouver, BC, or at least for a while and if everything goes smoothly. We are in the process of getting our

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The Final Steps…

This is it. This is our final step here at VFS, our final project is done and now it’s time to create our own brand, our image and portfolio so we can get out there and start working. If you’ve

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The process of a project.

As you may know, my project started on term 4 and now we are about to start term 6 here at VFS. Our last term. My project is a student theoretical rebrand for a NYC based performing arts school. Their

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Climbing steps on the Journey…

A while ago, back in term 3 we created a video info graphic called “Terms & Conditions” which we started promoting it everywhere we could. It was the winner of the VFS impact awards on the Public Enlightenment category and

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A while ago, Term 4…

Well, we are almost done for term 5 here at VFS and I haven’t had time to upload anything to keep my blog up. Term 4 was pretty easy going compared to other terms, we got a lot of good

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Terms & Conditions

As I told you I was going to write about this project on it’s own post. “Terms & Conditions” is our term 3 final project for VFS. It was a complete roller coaster of both creative thinking, and moments of

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Mrs. Eaves Case Study

I hope you’ve all seen my little motion piece on a type face called Mrs. Eaves, which was made by Emigre Fonts. I really loved this type face, so here it is the case study for this project, just so

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