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The process of a project.

As you may know, my project started on term 4 and now we are about to start term 6 here at VFS. Our last term. My project is a student theoretical rebrand for a NYC based performing arts school. Their

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Aretha's poster

Well, I’m still working on my Case study for last term’s info graphic, so here is another final project. This one it was for our print class and we were given the opportunity to create a poster for a new

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Again, another 2D graphics project it’s done, so here it is for you to see it. For this assignment we had to create a character so I based mine on some Japanese characters made out of different companies boxes, mainly

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Slam Nov. 09

On friday November the 20th we had our Slam at VFS, which it was actually my first slam. The idea is to get all of Digital Design Students to work together on a project that was hended in by 9:00

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Snowboard Design

It’s Been a long time since my last post… It’s been a long way of coding ActionScript 3.0, trying to figure out how to Debug flash animations and interactivity, learning new Illustrator techniques and even After Effects. All of this

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Hello everyone, for this assignment we had to create an illustration from any portrait photograph… I’m not very good with Illustrator, I’ve used it for creating text for video and some basic vector shapes, but never for this kind of

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Well, I’ve been struggling with Flash, I’ve never been able to create something on flash before, so this was a real challenge for me. Although I enjoyed the outcome, the process was a bit painful and not with a pretty

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