While the clock keeps ticking…

As some of you may know, right now my wife and I are going to establish our selves in Vancouver, BC, or at least for a while and if everything goes smoothly.
We are in the process of getting our work permits here in Canada, I have a great job offer here and we are about to start a new phase in our lives. The hardest part of any waiting process is trying to keep our minds busy. Although we are dealing with the process of moving to a different place, packing everything out and getting ready to move, I’ve been playing with the new Cinema 4D R12 and some new features.

Here are some images of my latest two additions. The first image is an exercise I did to keep my mind sharp with the tools. I used 3D tracking to composite some mograph elements, some of the new soft body dynamics and used Illustrator and After Effects to give it the final touch to it. Here is an image of that piece. You can also see the final video here.

This image is from a comp that is not quite final yet… In this piece based on a tutorial posted by Nick Campbell and hosted by Chris Schmidt which uses the new Connectors and Motor Dynamics inside Cinema 4D and I mixed it up with the Voxel effect created by Robert Leger. This creates boxes based on a shape, boxes that I also converted to soft body dynamics and CS Tools to create the camera move.

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