A while ago, Term 4…

Well, we are almost done for term 5 here at VFS and I haven’t had time to upload anything to keep my blog up.

Term 4 was pretty easy going compared to other terms, we got a lot of good works done and some side projects going on.
I’ll talk about some of them here and some other on my next post regarding Term 5.

For Term 4 we had two major projects, one for Motion Design and one for Branding, which I’ll start with that one.

The Branding project consisted in either creating a new brand or choosing an existing one that we could make it better, in my case, I took the second one. Now, I’m not allowed to say their name yet, but they agreed to let me use their name for school, so this great performing arts schooled based in NYC is my client.

Their name is probably the biggest in the performing arts academic world, and their image is just bland… I personally feel that it lacks the movement, the music and passion that the arts evoke and provoke in people’s minds and hearts. And that’s why I decided to embark on this journey.  Which I’ll explain in further detail on my next post.

Also, for that term, we had the opportunity to create a title sequence for a real client, our teacher, Bienvenido Cruz, gave us 6 different projects that we could work on. The idea was to create the title sequence based on different productions that were on their initial state. “The producers” gave us the information about their projects, there were some different movies and one T.V. show that we could choose from. We got the production’s One Sheet for each movie to use that as our main inspiration.
This was a real challenge for us, as we had to create the whole concept out of a single page, and in some cases from just a couple of paragraphs.

Here you can take a look to the original document I used to pitch my idea as where I wanted to take this title sequence.

You can see the whole document here.

And after this whole process, here is the final result, showing what I got from that one sheet and what I thought would be the best treatment for this project, and finally, to carry the movie’s message right from the beginning.

John Doe Title Sequence from Ezra Istiroti on Vimeo.

As always, I hope you enjoy…

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